Sales Process Improvement Workshop

All businesses that depend on sales income need to constantly refine their sales processes to maintain competitive advantage. Poor sales practice or inefficient sales administration can severely impact profits. Knowing how to optimise the sales processes  of the business can be complex; legacy workflows, traditional ways of doing business, evolving markets, acquisitions and staff changes can all complicate the aim of selling effectively.

Salesnet specialises in helping companies to improve their sales delivery across all areas:

  • Data management
  • Sales administration processes
  • Sales management process
  • Territory and product specialist organisation
  • Sales and sales management training
  • Sales incentive schemes

Planning for Sales Success

Our one-day workshop Planning for Sales Success is a facilitated session delivered to the management team responsible for the company’s sales activity. The objective of the session is to improve the sales functions of the business and increase revenue generation. Using proven methodologies, the team will work together to identify successful elements in the sales activity and to highlight barriers to success.

At the end of the session a development plan is initiated to be driven forward by the management team. Salesnet will provide a report on the findings of the workshop and put forward recommendations such as key skills training or any further work required to add definition to the development plan.

The session will be delivered by a Lean Six Sigma-trained facilitator with professional experience of working with sales teams at all levels and areas of complexity.

Programmes are custom-made for each organisation – call 020 8334 4250 and ask to discuss your needs with the process improvement team.