Sales Consultancy

Salesnet’s sales consultancy programmes are designed for each organisation to address their specific needs. All aspects of a company’s sales strategy, business marketplace and competitive positioning are taken into account in developing business improvements with Lean Six Sigma methodologies used to describe and improve sales processes. Whether you have a field sales force, inside sales, help desk, order line or your business is e-commerce based; Salesnet can help you to get the most out of your revenue generating systems.

The areas we address:

  • Sales objectives – how are goals converted from the business plan into sales targets?
  • What stage of market maturity does the company operate within?
  • Which processes anchor the sales activity to the rest of the business?
  • The sales mechanisms – how do customers buy and what can prevent them?
  • How are the sales efforts and their results monitored and measured?
  • How can sales be continually improved?

A sample workshop outline is linked below. Call today to discuss how we can help you to achieve greater sales success:

Sales Process Improvement Workshop