Presentation Skills

There are many instances in our business lives when making a personal impression is important. Face-to-face communication and digital communication require different skills. Occasions for Face-to-face communication can be as varied as a one-to-one business meeting, speaking at a conference or taking part in a new business pitch.

Salesnet’s presentation skills training caters for all instances of face-to-face communication. Courses are developed for each situation and one-to-one coaching is available to those who want to focus on specific areas. The training is highly practical and skills based, with opportunities to give and receive feedback.

Elements of the training:

  • The structure of a presentation
  • Dynamics of the presentation
  • Body language and voice production
  • The use of presentation aids

Sample courses:

Salesnet is a highly-experienced sales and marketing consultancy and training provider. Each of our courses can be customized to your requirements and run either at your location or in a conveniently located training venue. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.