An Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing provides an effective and cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Learn how to use the social media to communicate, learn about your customers and make sales. Each course is customized for its attendees, will discuss suitable social channels for your business and will look at the use of blogging and online forums where relevant.

A typical course will cover:

  • What is social media marketing and how does it concern my business?
  • What social marketing can do for me?
  • Business uses of popular social channels lie Facebook and Twitter
  • How to use social channels
  • Demonstrating leadership and market presence  through blogging and online discussion
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of social marketing in your business

By the end of this course you will have a good understand of the possibilities (and pitfalls) of  social media marketing and will be able to identify suitable opportunities  for your business in this area.

We also offer training in the business use of specific social platforms, such as Facebook. LinkedIn and Instagram, and in the effective use of blogging and online discussion forums.

Salesnet is a highly-experienced sales and marketing consultancy and training provider. Each of our courses can be customized to your requirements and run either at your location or in a conveniently located training venue. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.